Captive Portal Issue


I am currently having an issue with the “captive portal”. I have set it up in the “Peplink’s 580 Admin”, created accounts etc. When I connect to my guest network, I will be redirected to the captive portal - I can see my custom logo etc. (url: - that works so far.

But whenever I try to login, it tries to open/redirect to “”, which will not happen - IE says “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”.

When I do a “ipconfig /all” on that client, I can see, that the “Peplink 580” is set as default gateway and DNS server… I have not setup anything in “InControl” as I understand, that this part will be handled by the “Peplink 580” itself.
Although, if I go into the APOne’s web admin, I can see, that the “guest portal” seems to be “managed” by “InControl” …

Any ideas?


I forgot to mention, that I am running the latest firmware on both devices - APOne and Peplink 580.

Just to clarify, Are you testing using a wireless connection (connecting first to AP-One), or a wired connection (your testing device is directly connected to the LAN subnet of the LB-580)? I have experienced the same issue when I was testing from a wired access connection, however, when I tested from a wireless connection to a managed AP-One, everything worked fine.

I am testing it via “wireless” connection - same setup as “guests” would do. I opened a support ticket with Peplink - but thanks for your input!