Captive Portal i can not Surf in the Internet

Iam using the Peplink Balance 305

I have a Vlan for Guest Wifi Devices. The Guest can surf in the Internet without any Problems.
But if i activated the Captive Portal for my Guest Vlan nobody can surf in the internet. Has someone a solution ?


Hello @Musli18,
The image you have attached shows that you have your device being managed by InControl2, you will need to setup your Wi-Fi, VLANs & Captive Portal from within InControl2.

Search through the forum here, there are may guides on doing this and examples. You might want to start with this one from @Keith at Configure Captive Portal in InControl2

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

I have deactivated now the Incontrol.

I added the Vlan and the Wifi and the Captive Portal. But if the Captove Portal activatet on the Vlan nobody can surf in the Internet.
If i deactivated the Captive Portal the People can surf in the Internet.

Has anybody an idea?

i am not using Incontrol.

i activated Captive Portal with Automatically show splash page on IOS and Bypass popup. But if if connected to the Wifi the Popup or Splash Page will not come on the Device and i can not Surf in internet.

May I know the Balance 305 also serve as AP Controller besides being the Internet Gateway with Captive Portal enabled on VLAN 50?

Probably you may open a support ticket for us to take a closer look.

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captive portal is enabled on VLAN50. Since i have updated to the latest Firmware it is not working more

I saw that you opened up a ticket on this issue. Let follow up using the ticket.

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