Captive portal how reliable?

i run 3 ac mini Ap via incontrol2 in a small hotel. We offer free wifi and want an excellent experience for our Guests. We would like to use captive portal in order to obtain name and email address (we have a remote check in process as well as face to face, so we want the email addresses for the remote check in guests).
is running captive portal once to capture name and email going to result in a sub standard experience on some devices?
I have tested with my Android htc m8 running android 6 and the captive portal disappears before i can choose the tick box of accepting terms and conditions. Also I tested with a windows 10 laptop and the splash page completed, but then threw itself on back to the screen again, after a second time i was then let on.

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I feel for the most part the captive portal is reliable. For the most reliability you might want to enable captive portal on the Peplink Router just in case there are speed / issues accessing IC2 (just my opinion).

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Do you have a link that explains the difference?
By router do you mean AP?
I use a huawei router and power my ap’s off that.

Hello @evanvilla,
We have been using the Captive Portal system from Peplink with both Peplink/Pepwave equipment and also third party vendors and the reliability has been there for us. Most of the time if there has been an issue (and we are there with our customers sites when bedding these systems in) we find the fault is the firmware/OS/browser(& browser cache/cookies) of the device, any other issues that our team have not solved in the field or remotely with our customers, we have documented and had Peplink Support look over the situation and results from them have been positive.

Our advice:

  • Run the latest firmware for you Peplink/Pepwave equipment to get the best out of the Captive Portal experience
  • Use InControl2 to build and run your Captive Portal in preference to running it locally from the device
  • Be realistic that not every device connecting to your Wi-Fi Captive Portal will always work (and we have found this with every vendor who makes captive portals).

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. So what do you use for Android? I am trying an email
requirement, but the window disappears before I can even tick the box.

Hello @evanvilla,
With mobile devices (regardless of if the operating system brand), it is important to firstly make sure the firmware (operating system) is up-to-date, this we have found to be the biggest issue with mobile devices, if the device is already up-to-date, then we test the device on a SSID (normally hidden with its own limited access on the same AP making sure to have the device “forget” the network once tested), if this works then it is the mobile device.

To help you find another way to get the connection working:

  1. Turn of mobile/cellular data and leave just Wi-Fi on
  2. Forget any previous connection on the mobile device if the mobile device knows about the Wi-Fi name
  3. Attempt the connection to the captive portal

If above three does not work reboot phone and go through above again.

If reboot and the combined steps do not work:

  • Re-enable mobile/cellular data
  • Check for firmware update to the mobile device and install if a stable release
  • Then go through this process again from step #1

We have not had any of our customers for over 5 months report any Captive Portal issues to us that are related to the Peplink/Pepwave APs, we have always found it to be related to the mobile device and the majority of the time the steps above fix the issue.

If your site(s) are still having issues with the Captive Portal, then we highly recommend you engage with an experienced Peplink Partner having them go over your setup and look through the design with you, you can find you local partner at, myself I’m based in Australia if that is of use.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Would you please open a support ticket here for support team to check ?

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