Captive Portal display without internet connection

Hi Peplink Team,

We are working in a project using buses with the following issue:

In a typical travel across Mexico the busses just have cellular coverage about 50% of the time; so it´s necessary that the customer can see the Captive Portal in their mobile devices and then should be redirected to a local server into the bus (For example: even without cellular coverage.

We have made some tests and we couldn´t display the Captive Portal without internet connection.

How can we do that?


Captive Portal will not display if no internet connection. I will move your post to feature request for the team to take consideration.

This make perfect sense. We’ll implement this shortly.

Hi Alex,

Do you know if this feature is available in the newest fimrware?

Hi Joel,

Sorry for late reply. This is in our road map. Stay tuned.

This is a significant issue that I just ran into myself in a deployment. Is there a further ETA on Captive Portal without Internet?

We too, have a need for something similar. An offline captive portal for guest with redirect option to local server is what we are looking for.