Captive Portal - Can not set "Allow Concurrent Use" & "Data Usage Quota" at the same time

We need to be able to let users log in multiple device on the same account using InControl2 captive portal using “Guest Account” and set a data limit of say 2Gb per day for that user.

Currently when you select “Allow Concurrent Use”, “Data Usage Quota” Disappears and vice versa.

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Any ideas on this?

Both settings are displayed;

Select “Allow Concurrent Use” and “Data Usage Quota” disappears;

Select “Data Usage Quota” and “Allow Concurrent Use” disappears;

The system currently cannot keep tracking the total data usage of a guest’s concurrent sessions in real-time and applying a quota limit on those sessions. That’s why you can only choose one of the two options. We are sorry for the limitation.

Hi @Michael
Thanks for the response.
Is there a way to do this locally on the device?
I have been testing with the local portal and radius etc but don’t seam to have a way of doing this.

Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions. It is technically challenging to keep tracking every guest’s total data usage in all of their sessions both efficiently and effectively.