Captive Portal and Freeradius

I have freeradius server and I am trying to disconnect a client from the NAS. I used the captive portal on my Peplink Balance 305 and I made sure to check CoA-DM on port 3799. However, when I send the disconnect message from freeradius, I get no response. Below is what I’m sending my Balance 305:

echo “User-Name=‘rye’,” | radclient -x disconnect ‘testing123’

Sending Disconnect-Request of id 248 to port 3799
User-Name = “rye”
radclient: no response from server for ID 248 socket 3


Just to confirm the “Disconnect-Request” is send from the Radius server (Configured Radius Server IP) to the ?

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Yes, I am sending the disconnect-request from my radius server ( Peplink LAN address is


I am now able to get a reply. However, the reply is a NAK. What parameters could I be missing. Below are the messages exchanged by radius and peplink NAS.

root@freeradius:/# cat packet.txt | radclient -x disconnect “testing123”
Sending Disconnect-Request of id 98 to port 3799
Acct-Session-Id = “5C6A6CED-00000000”
User-Name = “rye”
NAS-Identifier = “test_pep”
NAS-IP-Address =
rad_recv: Disconnect-NAK packet from host port 3799, id=98, length=20


Please open a ticket and provide us the device diagnostic report for support team to check. Please make sure the diagnostic report is downloaded right after you perform the simulation test.

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