Captive portail and SSID


I have an AP (pepwave) with a network name : private_network

I’m trying to setup one guestacces, but when I activate captive portail I can’t insert an ssid.
Is it possible to get a specific network name, by exemple : guest_network?

Thank You,


Hi Aurélien,

Captive Portal setup is separate from the SSID setup. Once you’ve created the SSID (ex-guest_network), one of the steps you take during config is enabling Captive Portal which would tie things together through the config file created in InControl or the WLAN Controller. I hope that helps, let me know if there’s other questions at all.

Thank for your answer.

Yes I can create a profil/config just for the guest access. But I can just select one profil per perwave?
How can I do to have 2 networks/ssi with one AP? I’d like to have the private network with a specific ssid and a guest access with another ssid.

Thank you,