Capability to select from access points with same SSID

Need ability to select a particular access point by MAC address (like Ubiquiti).
Locking to an AP (by MAC address) would be preferable, but being able to select from different AP’s with the same SSID is essential.

In our mobile environment, there are several AP’s servicing a location. When an AP malfunctions or loses back haul connectivity, we cannot select a different AP on the Pepwave because it only shows the one with the highest signal strength. This results in a forced connection to a dead AP and loss of Internet connectivity despite having healthy AP’s within reach.

If you could append the MAC, or the last 4 bytes of the MAC onto the name of the SSID and list all of the AP’s, that would work.


Which product are you requesting this feature on?

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Customer is locked out of a multiple AP network because the closest AP has a back haul problem.
Other AP’s with good signal are available but no way to select them as they all have the same SSID, a common arrangement in public areas. “Wireless” shows only one (presumably the closest) of nine available AP’s with good signal.


A month has gone by with no response. Is this problem being worked on and can you give me a time estimate I can pass on to our customer?



Several months have gone by without any response from you or Peplink regarding the software problem on the HD2. We have lost our customer as a result.

Hello @djk,
It may be too late, though did you consider using the option of “Preferred BSSID”?
Create Wi-Fi Connection Profile (Rising Connection)
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. The box in question is an HD2 running 7.0.3 and the port being configured is the Wifi WAN 2.4 port.

My “Create Wi-Fi Connection Profile” menu has no option for Preferred BSSID, even after setting the “advanced” option on the ? link on the parent page.

Please try v7.1.0 beta firmware.

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The link I used apparently had beta 1 software and now the partition is not bootable:

             Firmware 2: 7.1.0b01 build 3482 [Non-bootable]

I still have Firmware 1: 7.0.3 build 3472 (Running)

If I load beta 2 will it store it in Firmware 2 or will it store it in Firmware 1 and brick the device (make it totally non-bootable)?

Please open support ticket here for support team to check. This is a unexpected behavior.

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If I reload 7.1.0b1 will it store it in Firmware 2 or will it store it in Firmware 1 and brick the device (make it totally non-bootable)?

This is a unexpected behavior. There is no answer for you until support team check from the device . Please submit a support ticket as requested. Thank You

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I tried to create a support ticket over the web interface but got an error message which I reported to

The 2nd try at the upgrade worked (same file) and we’re now up on 7.1.0b1 to test the feature we’re after. For future reference, it appears the software will upload images to the non-running firmware slot. Would have been nice to know before I pulled the trigger.

I’m getting a message that the beta firmware will “expire” in 60 days. What happens when the firmware “expires”? Is this a time bomb that will disable the router if we do not intervene by then?

Do you submitted the request ? Do you have the ticket number info that can share here ? You mention, error message received when creating the support ticket. May i know what the error message that you received ? I just tested to create a ticket 2 minutes ago, everything is fine. It would be best that support team can further check from the device.

:sweat_smile: This should not be the future reference. You should allow support team to check first before taking risk to upload again the firmware images. Please submit a ticket as soon as possible.

Beta firmware always having the expire time. New firmware (New beta or GA firmware) will away be released prior the expiration date for the beta firmware, just upgrade to the new released then you should allow to enjoy the new features. Just for your information, the device will still working after the expired time and just the WebUI configuration is locked to force you to upgrade to the new released.

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Thank you for answering my question on firmware expiration.

BSSID select works on 7.1.0b1. Crude, but does the job.

AP->Nearby Device shows incomplete SSIDs (truncated early by several bytes).

Feature request:
AP->Nearby Device needs to include RSSI in the table so users can sort by signal strength. Having to mouse over each AP and remember signal strength is needlessly difficult.