Can't See Cellular Plan On Available Networks

Hey all, I purchased a Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 Router with a ATT cellular plan through Mobile Must Have.

I set the WIFI up without any issues and configured the cellular plan with the APN but once I move the cellular plan to the priority 1 connection status, I don’t see a network name for it. WIFI needed an SSID to configure network name but cellular doesn’t have the same setup???

Seems like mobile must have doesn’t go into any details and have not given me any directions on what I may be doing wrong.

The cellular plan shows online but I have no way to access the network to use the internet. Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated!


The Peplink support model provides that the seller is responsible for 1st level support. I’m not sure what 1st level support entails, but, some sellers provide mores support than others. If you look through the posts on this forum, you might find your seller has had a few issues with the perception of 1st level support provided by this seller. Then again, purchaser expectations on the level of support they should receive with out charge can be unreasonable.
Of course that doesn’t help you out now.
If you have not done so, I would encourage you to read the manual (available on line) section applicable to the issue you are experiencing. Yeah, I know what you are thinking.
Mobile Must Have also has a support section on their web page with some FAQ which might help you.
On the surface, it appears you probably have the device set up, you just need to work with your WAN, LAN & AP settings & configure them based on your preferences.
The UI on Peplink product is considered to be very user friendly, but, it’s also provides for a lot of flexibility & option you may not be familiar with.
If after trying some of these suggestions, PM me & I’ll try & help you. Most likely will involve a phone call.


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Thanks for the post, apparently the AT&T hotspot plan you get from Mobile Must Have isn’t something you connect to which I find hard to believe but who am I to question the tech team.

Here is the response I got from MMH:

So the AT&T is not going to show differently than the Pepwave does. The at&t data plan is what provides a connection, but it isn’t going to show differently from the pepwaves broadcasting wifi. You connect to the Pepwave and the Pepwave connects to the internet, it isn’t going to show each type of connection differently.

I tried getting on the internet without my wifi and it clearly didn’t work, now they are telling me to spend another $100 for them to check… I wish I DIdn’t spend $1000 to get the runaround with their tech team.

I set the WIFI up without any issues and configured the cellular plan with the APN but once I move the cellular plan to the priority 1 connection status, I don’t see a network name for it. WIFI needed an SSID to configure network name but cellular doesn’t have the same setup???

Please help me understand the issue. It sounds like

  • You can establish a WiFi network provided by the router. You have not created any VLAN,.
  • You can connect to the WiFi
  • Your router connects via AT&T to the internet at large. (I.e., the cellular status is connected).

The default LAN for a WiFi is the untagged one, and all traffic that is not local to your LAN (or other VLANs’ on the router) should be sent to the internet.

When you connect your device to WiFi, you cannot access the internet?

Please advise.


I’ve attached a partial screen shot of my Peplink dashboard

Ideally, your dashboard should be similar.
You should see 3 sections:

  3. WIFI AP

The WAN CONNECTION STATUS represents the sources of internet signals that are available. Consider these input sources that have been setup for the Peplink device to use. Your Peplink device should have a cellular connection & if there is WIFI available, you can have the Peplink device manage it.
In the screen shot I have my AT&T cellular connection as priority 1. Fortunately, I have RV park provided WIFI available & have set them up as additional internet sources for the Peplink. This has to be done by the user.
The WIFI AP section reflects the APs (WIFI access points) I created for the Peplink to broadcast. Again, this has to be accomplished by the user.
In both of the instances, the user generates the names, which also becomes the SSIDS for the WIFI AP.
As a matter of practice, I always connect my PC directly to the Peplink device by Ethernet.
I assume you would be using a PC & if it’s connected to the Peplink device by Ethernet & you have established your cellular connection, you should be able to get to the internet from any browser.
My offer to help you over the phone still stands if you will PM me with your phone #.

Hi Justin,

This is Dave from

We have a ton of resources in our knowledge base at which you have access to for free.

You are correct in that we do charge you to help you get your Pepwave configured (it also includes a comprehensive training class that walks you through the dashboard of your Pepwave) for the $99, you are getting a senior engineer on our team configuring your Pepwave (as we have done with almost 2,000 other units) and applying a configuration we know is not only reliable but also well proven to be effective for most customers.

I will respond to your ticket in our system as well and point you to some articles that may be of assistance. If you choose to have us configure your Pepwave, we can usually accommodate those requests within the same day.

Hope this helps,


@lemondrop9344 offtopic… but why dont you move the two wifi-wan connections up into priority 1? You could potentially gain throughput. If the wifi-wan uplinks are not as good, you still could keep them in priority 1 and do some outbound policies to steer higher priority traffic towards ATT while still utilizing the wifi-wan for less important traffic. The way its setup now its unlikely that you’d ever really utilize the wifi-wans.