Can't remote admin in Incontrol Appliance


I’ve got a problem with remote web admin with a incontrol 2 hardware Appliance. The Appliance is behind a Firewall (port 5246 TCP & UDP open) , the device registers correctly, but the remote web admin feature don’t work (time out). I’ve notice that the firmware update for device stays in “pending” state. Perhaps the two problems are linked ? Am I missing Something in firewall config ?


Please make sure the devices could resolve the ICA’s server name and are able to connect to the ICA’s TCP port 1443.

If the firmware state remains Pending for more than 10 mins, please enable remote assistance on the ICA and let us check.

Thanks Michael,

The ICA address in the device is an IP, no need to match with the hostname or the certificate ? I’ve open the 1443 TCP on the wan of the ICA, and still in time out.
I’ve opened the remote admin fir the firmware update troubleshooting.



You have to use the host name to access the web. We will back to you on the firmware issue tomorrow.

I understand that for accessing the web site of the ICA on the wan side, I’ve must use the hostname, and it works, with private domain hostname. The incontrol feature in the device is configured with the our public IP, and it works too for being managed in ICA. So do I need for remote web admin to use a public hostname resolved by device with the right certificate ?

Not necessary. But make sure your devices could resolve the ICA’s private host name as the ICA’s public IP address, and connect to its port 1443.

OK, it works now for remote web admin, with a public hostname. But no way to access to ICA on the management port, I’m redirect to the control panel, even with and an entry in host file.

We have hot fixed your system. The problem will not occur again. Most of the devices’ firmware have been updated. But one of them seems have difficulty in downloading the firmware. You may want to check its connectivity.

(You may see the device has retried ~30 times. The retry count actually increments by one every minute. The device may just be downloading the file the first time. It is not the number of downloads. We will fix this retry count in the next release.)