Can't register a device


Hello -

I am trying to register my Peplink Balance One device on your website. Every time I try to register, it gives me an error. The message is something like “there’s been a problem between your browser and our server. Reload?”

Can someone help me out with this? The balance one is only two weeks and isn’t working. I need to get support, but can’t get support because I can’t get the device register.


Hi Eric, who is your original point of purchase? They should be able to help you with both registering your device along with any technical support you may require.


I also cannot register my new router. My serial number contains the letter “D” which is flags as an error. The form restricts serial number entry to numerics 0123456789.

I opened ticket 786958 but have not received a satisfactory response.


Serial numbers should be in the format xxxx-xxxx-xxxx and contain the numbers 1-9 and letters A-F
Please enter the - other ways the system will not recognize you serial number.
Please also contact your point of purchase, they will be able to help


It took almost a month of pushing, but now the website allows hexadecimal characters in the serial number field.