Can't open 443

I have a PC on the LAN behind my Peplink which I want to forward all 443 traffic.

I created two Inbound Firewall Rules (TCP & UDP), each allowing any IP through port 443 to be forwarded to an internal IP address.

However when I try to access port 443 from outside the LAN, site says that port is not open!

What am I missing?


Set Source Port to Any and try again. Also, ensure that there are no Deny rules above this one as the fw rules take precedence from top to bottom

Yes, there are no deny rules above this.

I tried your suggestion and the result is the same - 443 not opened. Further, I am concerned that this rule then allows any and all inbound traffic to be forwarded to this one machine. Doesn’t make sense to me.

So I did not have any Port Forwarding rules set, only Inbound Access Rules.

Ah gotcha. Yes, port forwarding is not directly created within the fw rule and will need to be done separate. Sounds like everything is working as expected?

Yes, stuff is working better, even VOIP after adding port forwarding for SIP & RTP.

But I am very confused about the relationship between Port Forwarding and Inbound Access Rules. Which one is hit first, or is this not important?

Essentially port forwarding is to map the ports and fw is needed to allow open those ports for inbound access, assuming you have a default deny rule for all ports.

Sounds like an opportunity for a feature request! Adding a port forwarding rule should automatically create the necessary inbound access rule. Is there ever a case where you would want a port forwarding rule, but not a firewall rule to allow it?