Can't make VLAN work with Balance One + Unifi switch

I am desperately attempting to allow VLAN usage through a Unifi switch (16-150W).
Is anyone successfully using VLANs with Unifi series switches?

  • the Guest/VLAN wifi SSID network is visible
  • the device attempting to connect can’t get an IP address from

Let’s review together the settings

On the router (Peplink Balance One)


and the port settings

Now the Unifi settings:


That’s all. If someone could help I would be thankful!!

I recently set up my vlans for the first time. I am using a balance 30, so please take this with a grain of salt - if all the port types are the same - you need not specify port types. Anything tagged will be routed appropriately. Anything that is not tagged will be considered the local LAN. On mine, you click the question mark in the upper right corner to disable the port type options. I believe you only need those port types if you are unable to tag the packets downstream.

I only needed one port assigned to a specific vlan (microcell needs its own network) and I was plugging directly to the router. It is best to leave the tagging to the AP and the downstream switches. The router will route all the vlans it knows about.

Hope it helps.

I am wondering if the Peplink DHCP server is failing over the VLAN as the the device awaits for an IP to be assigned, so either DHCP is not working or ports config is wrong

I should make a test assignining a fixed ip to the device (comprised in the VLAN network) and see if it works. This may help to narrow down the problem

A technician at UBNT discovered that there’s a bug in 6.3.1 firmware as when configuring the ports, when “Any” is selected on the trunk ports, the VLAN traffic is not passing through.
Solution is to manually tick the LANs that apply

This is a known bug and has fix in firmware 6.3.3 :grin:

Thanks Pogo,
one question: when I have bought the router, it came shipped with firmware 6.3.1. Then I hap installed 6.3.3 in second slot. The router has 6.3.1 and 6.3.3 now.
But I have started configuring 6.3.1 and left 6.3.3 unused.
How can I switch to 6.3.3 using 6.3.1 configuration? Backup & restore?

it’s not recommend you setup both firmware separately

if your config firmware 1 → boot to firmware 2
you will find in firmware 2 will not have your last config in firmware 1

if your config firmware 1 → ‘upgrade’ to firmware 2
you will got same config
:point_up_2: This is the best way

you can config firmware → backup config file → boot to firmware 2 → restore config file manually

wish it not confuse you :stuck_out_tongue: