Can't Control Pepwave Mini with Balance 20

It looks like the balance router should recognize the Pepwave automatically, but this is definitely not happening for me. The video that Peplink sent to me
didn’t clarify much since it talks about menu options that I don’t have. The manuals also offered little insight.

Exploring on my own, and trying to use information from the forums, this is what i’ve been trying:

On the pepwave mini, in System/Controller I entered the IP of my Balance 20.
I’ve made sure the webadmin admin name and password are identical on my Mini and in the AP/Settings Section on the Balance 20.

on the dashboard of the balance 20 it says there is an inactive Access Point in addition to the 300M that it already controls.

when i go to the AP menu/AP status (there is no WLAN menu under network, although the Peplink video says their should be–is the video inaccurate,
outdated, or not applicable to this router?), I see the 300M but not the Mini.

FWIW, my Balance 20 does have an IPSec VPN established with a Balance One at my house. Could this be preventing the AP control from working?

Frustrated. I’d hoped the Pepwave Mini’s would be a nicer solution for me management wise than using old apple airport base stations, but i’m about ready to return the two minis that I bought because I can’t get them configured.

If they are the new AP One AC Minis, they will not be able to be managed by the AP Controller feature in the Balance. They will be able to be managed in 6.1.3 firmware (Balance firmware). In the mean time you will need to configure the devices manually. I.E. you can configure one manually, download the active configuration and upload into the other.

Otherwise if they are the standard AP One Minis, open up a support ticket here and we’ll take a closer look:

Yes, they are brand new, just got them yesterday. Bought them specifically because I expected to be able to manage them from the Peplinks. You probably should update your website to note that the AP controller does not work yet for these devices.

In the meantime, if i don’t return them, how do i set one up to extend the wireless networks created by my Peplink Balance One?


I have replied back to you via the ticket you created with a update. Just let us know the results via the ticket and we can go from there.

I have been fighting this since I received my AP One AC Minis that I pre-ordered directly from Peplink. I have tried changing just about every setting on both the Balance and the Mini that I thought had anything to do with controlling them. I’m glad to know it’s not me but frustrated at the wasted time. Do you have an ETA on the 6.1.3 Firmware?


We ordered the ACs thinking we’d have the same seamless experience we get with our Balance 30. This needs to be fixed ASAP!

Hi FrequentFlyer,

Are you using Balance One? Can you share what is the firmware version for Balance router and AP?

Hi Trey Forgety,

Can you share what is the firmware version for Balance 30 and AP?

Hi Trey Forgety,

Alternatively, you may upgrade your Balance 30 to v6.1.3.

Dear TK Liew,

I just received 5 AP One AC mini (Firm.Vers 3.5.0) and wanted to configure and control them with my new Balance 350! But the Balance 380 does not see the AP One AC mini correctly. I am using on the Balance 380 Firmware 6.1.2 (could not find a newer version)
What can I do to control them all by the Balance router?

Nevermind…saw the link in your post. Thanks!

Would love to, but the latest-available download is currently 3.1.2. Am I missing something?

Worked instantly and perfectly! Thanks so much!:o

Hi goeres, please refer to this post for download links to other models:

I am using Balance 30LTE with 6.1.2. I see the note on the firmware upgrade and will try that. Thanks.

Excellent THX