Can't conned to balance 320 after changing IP


I have reset my Balance 320 to fix some corruptions in the config file (I think). Now I’m trying to set it up like it was using the address and when I try to connect to it, it won’t let me. Everthing else seams to work, but I need to finish the setup like VPN and all, and I can’t even connect to it. I have a macbook connected directly to the Peplink. I’m in the same subnet ( so how can I connect to it via the web interface?

This is kind of rush since I won’t be able to fix it remotely.

If you have factory reset the device then the default IP is with admin for both the username and password.

Sorry for the typo by the way:-/

I new about the default address. What I didn’t know was that I had changed the default connection to HTTPS, so my browser was entering defaulting to https and the router was asking for HTTP. Once I changed to HTTP I could connect and fix that.


Glad you got it going, thanks for the update :up:

Balance 320 !!! which model is that !!!