Can't connect to SOHO wifi

Last night, the SOHO was connected to a Wifi as WAN connection. When I got up this morning, all of the lights showed it was still connected, but the clients weren’t connected and when I browsed for Wifi, my SSID was missing. I had to power cycle the router. Once that was complete, everything was working correctly. Any ideas what might have caused this?

I’m not sure what would have caused that, but if it happens again you can open a support ticket via our site and we will take a look.

It happened again this morning. I connected to the router via an ethernet cable. It showed I was connected to WAW connection and that the wireless network was running. On the laptop that was connected, I tried to ping and all 4 attempts timed out. I pinged directly on the router and got good responses. I took a look at the clients. It showed the desktop PC and both laptops as inactive (one of the laptops and the desktop PC were both on and should have been connected). Surprisingly, my Android phone was connected and I could ping it from the ethernet connected laptop.

I then added another SSID wifi LAN connection. After I did that, the wifi started working. I am guessing that when I added the second network, the radio might have restarted. Before I added the second SSID, I download the diagnostic file. It is attached here.

I looked for opening a support ticket and couldn’t find out how to do it. Can you send me a link? (147 KB)

Never mind. I entered a ticket. I may not be able to find it again, though. lol