Can't connect to MAX-BR1 Mini Core GUI after 8.1.3 firmware upgrade

So far I’ve had two Max-BR1-Mini-LTE-US-T-M Cores with factory config that I can’t login to after doing thE fw-max_br1_br2-8.1.3-build5077.bin firmware upgrade from factory 8.0.2s121 build 3667. One I’m getting a CGI error instead of a login screen and the other one won’t connect at all. One one of them I got a message about incompatible file so figured I had tried to use the config file instead of FW so tried again and it uploaded, upgraded, then stuck at rebooting. Doing FW upgrades locally with a dedicated laptop and lan cable. I have done others without having a problem but not sure if I was starting at the same FW level.

I’ve tried factory reset pin multiple times on both units and didn’t help.
Status is green and cellular light flashing like normal with inactive SIM.
Also tried going directly to the support.cgi page and it’s also unreachable.
Pepwave DHCP is working and giving the laptop correct IP and GW.

Any idea on what else I can try? I may try an active Verizon SIM since it doesn’t require a config and see if it connects to InControl. Are there any known issues?
Should I be going to an intermediate version of the firmware instead of straight to 8.1.3 ?


We don’t encounter a similar issue. Since your laptop grabbed an IP from the BR1 Mini Core, may I know the laptop is having internet access? If so, you may add the BR1 Mini Core into InControl2 and access it via Remote Web Admin to confirm it helps.

Thanks TK_Liew, I’ll try adding to InControl and see if it connects.
What about the one that displays the CGI error? Anything else I can do?
I’ve deployed over 600 of the Core models and have only had these problems with the latest firmware update although I have seen a higher failure rate in the Core models versus Regular Max and Mini models.

Just tried a Verizon SIM in the one with the CGI error.
Cellular light comes on solid as connected but doesn’t show connected in InControl.
Cellular light seems a little dim but removed antenna and light started blinking as disconnected. Also tried another factory reset with Verizon SIM installed. Still didn’t connect to InControl.

Exact CGI error in browser is:
An error occurred while reading CGI reply (no response received)

Just tried the second one that has no login screen.
Same result, with Verizon card shows cellular connected but doesn’t show connected in InControl.

Can you help to open a ticket for us to take a look?

So I’ve found this to be an ongoing issue and have managed to replicate a couple times and got screenshots. I’m not sure why it only happens to random devices but also tried installing intermediate firmware versions and got the same result.

The first sign that the 8.1.3-build5077 firmware update is going to “brick” the Pepwave is when doing a manual update through the GUI and getting a “internal error (file mismatched)” message and the upgrade failing. When this happens I was successfully able to do the firmware update via InControl but then the device goes offline and will no longer connect to InControl. Then if I try to login via the local GUI I get the “An error occurred while reading CGI reply (no response received)” message.
Factory resetting the units doesn’t help.
I’ve created a few tickets for this problem and each time after troubleshooting an RMA has been issued which takes a very long time to process but no solution or feedback.
This is now a bigger problem because I’ve been pushing the 8.1.3-build5077 upgrade out via InControl due to the 3G shutdown and have had some quit communicating and go offline.
A couple we’ve sent techs out to replace and when trying to login get that same CGI error.

I’m attaching the screenshots of the errors


Can I have the ticket number? I found a few of your tickets but they are BR1 Mini, not BR1 Mini Core. I would like to understand the reported issue.


Hi TK_Liew
Sorry for the delay, I never received a notification that you had replied.
All the RMA’s I’ve been doing are “Core” units but for some reason ticketing doesn’t identify them as a Core unit. I’ve had quite a few problems with the Cores failing compared to maybe one regular Mini out of hundreds installed.
Ticket 21090916 has two of the devices that had the problem.
I know I have others but haven’t created RMA’s for them yet, last ones took two months to complete.
The RMA process now takes such a tremendous amount of time it’s almost not worth the effort.


It seems like it is an isolated case that relates to the hardware issue. You may open a ticket and attention to me for a similar case for BR1 Mini Core in the future. I will help to follow up on it closely.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.