Cant connect to inside Interface after changing IP

I am having issues getting my peplink 310 configured. I am an IT consultant and have set up many peplinks but have never seen this issue.The inside IP scheme of the company I am setting this up for uses a scheme of This is obviously a public IP address and I am not sure why this scheme was originally used but I cant change it now. Anyway as soon as I change the internal IP address of the peplink to (The default gateway) I can’t connect to it through the web interface anymore. I can ping it but cant connect. I reset it to default settings and can connect fine, but everytime I change it backto I loose connection. I can ping the new IP address but cant connect to it through the web interface. I have tried other private IP settings and they all work fine.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Uugh! Nevermind, I had a web filter agent running on my laptop that was blocking access to the public IP!

No worries, Bob :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no definitive list of these modems at this time.


May I know what you are referring to?