Can't connect my Mac to L2TP

It used to be very easy with PPTP but now I cant connect to a Balance One that replaced a Shoho at one of my clients.

MacOS Sierra (10.12) no longer has the PPTP option available under the VPN settings. So I selected the setup on the new router at L2TP.

  1. I have the correct WAN IP address (looked it up online)
  2. Generated a strong password for the Preshared sectret (is this just a password?)
  3. Created username and password

On the Mac side I choose:

  1. Network > VPN > L2TP over IPsec
  2. Enter the WAN IP address
  3. Added the Preshared secret, Username and Password
  4. Left all other options default

My Mac attempts to connect but fails and tells me to contact my admin. Witch is me being clueless what to do now.

Please help :slight_smile:


You can refer to this KB article on our site and it has a link on how to configure it:

You need to make sure that the WAN connection you are using is a public IP and not being firewalled.

I can access that same iP address to remotely manage the Balance one. And it used to work before uner PPTP.

Also the KB arricle doens’t include the setup of macOS Sierra.
It all seems very straight forward but its not working so I must be missing something because the KB article confirmed what I have set and discribed in my question.

Please provide the screenshots of Balance One’s Dashboard. I need to know the IP grabbed for the WANs.

Thank you.

I send you a DM

Also I just discovered that I can’t access the router like I use to with other Peplink ones’ using firmware 6.1

Based on your provided screenshots, the WAN1 was using private IP - 192.168.15.x. This is the reason you can’t establish L2TP/IPSec from internet.

Tim provided the suggestion here. Do you have a modem infront of WAN1? If so, configure it as bridge mode is the easiest way.