Can't apply web admin CP on IC2 VLAN


Hi Team,

our Partner uses IC2 to manage the VLANs and SSIDs on their MK2s and AP Rugged. The End User requested Captive Portals on some sites, and decided to use web admin (not IC2) to create them.

We encountered a problem with the local CP disappearing from web admin when the CP is applied to the IC2 originated VLAN. In other words, if we apply the CP created in web admin to the VLAN created in IC2, the vanishes completely from the settings.

Is it a known issue?


Hi Jakub,

Since it’s a IC2 managed VLAN, we would dedicated the portal settings and we only allow portal settings from IC2

If you go to the captive portal settings page in IC2, you would found a “i” icon next to the “New Captive Portal” button, click on it, and press the “Here” link on the popup dialog, you will see “External Captive Portal” settings, where you can setup a local portal.

Hope above helps