Can't add to in-control

I am trying to add our first device to in-control. I created a new account and am now at InControl 2
But i get this response:
Status Message
Failed Already added

Also, in the web admin for the router, i can see the text “InControl management enabled. Settings can now be configured on InControl.” But when i click on the link there, I get this error message:
“The page you requested does not exist or you do not have right to access.”

It is a Peplink Balance 20.

Hi @Stephen_Montgomery,

It looks like the Peplink Balance 20 you have has already been added to someone’s InControl 2 Cloud.
That’s probably why you get the error ‘Failed, already added’.

If you could send an e-mail with the serial number of your Peplink Balance 20 to [email protected], I’m sure the people from Peplink support can help you out.

Good luck!