Can't access webui after assigning VLAN to physical port

Assigning VLANS to physical ports on my Balance 20X prevents me from accessing the webui. Obviously I’ve configured something incorrectly but I can’t quite figure it out and need some help.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

If anyone needs any details please let me know.

Have you configured to limit Web Admin LAN access to only Untagged LAN?

you can change it back to “Any”, if you want to access Web Admin UI from all VLANs.

I changed it to Any. Clicked save and apply. Rebooted my router and my devices. It’s still not letting me access the webui if the device in inside a VLAN.

I also checked my VPN settings to make sure invisibility on LAN wasn’t enabled. It’s not.

Can you open a ticket - Peplink Ticketing System for us to take a closer look?