Can't access T-Mobile with Max BR1 LTE...migrated from ATT network

I’ve used my BR1 LTE for 4 years on an ATT network and recently switched to T-Mobile sim but 'am unable to access the internet…cellular light flashed green but no internet access. The folks at T-Mobile tell me the Max BR1 does not provide support for their network…I’m skeptical and hope this is not the case. What parameters should I change? Guidance is appreciated! A few other factors to consider: I live in northern Michigan and TMobile has recently “upgraded” their network; I use this router on my boat and frequently travel to Canada.

make sure it’s on generic carrier, enable all bands, maybe turn of all but lte? input apn
disable smartcheck until you get connected. also, make sure your plan is compatible, you can’t just drop a sim into a modem that isn’t meant for that exact modem.

FWIW: A few of our (relatively) old MAX BR1 LTEs (model MAX-BR1-LTE-US, 2017 vintage) are employing TMO SIM cards and are working just fine with a post-paid Magenta plan, as a connected device (it seems the phone SIMs work as well).



When I got a TMO SIM to test a particular LTE modem I had to log in to my TMO account and enter the modem’s IMEI to activate it. (Or so they informed me. I never tried the modem w/o doing that.)

Conversely: Both an AT&T SIM and that TMO SIM, after having been used in that modem, when moved to the MAX BR1 Pro 5G I have sitting here, just up and worked.

What does the WAN Connection Status page for the Cellular connection show? Is TMO giving you an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS server(s)?

Not much in the way of improvement after the following changes: a) set up for generic carrier b) disable smartcheck c) compatible mobile plan d) IMEI populated.

Conversation with TMO support says the IMEI of 359225058193137 is “partially compatible”.

Any other suggestions? What device might be compatible?

What does the WAN Connection Status page for the Cellular connection show? Is TMO giving you an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS server(s)?

Thanks for your help. Yes, IP address, mask, gateway and DNS server all show values.
I’ve tried to upload a screenshot…not sure if you can access this??

Hmmm… Looks like it should be working. If you weren’t connecting to the cellular network properly you wouldn’t be getting an IP address, etc.

When you say “No Internet access”: What are the symptoms?

Can you ping default gateway? Can you ping a Google DNS server ( or

I have a couple Max BR1 Pro pepwave routers in Kansas City MO. and Sprint changed to T-Moblie and they started using “different towers”. All I know is after 6 years of working on Sprint they are now “incompatible” with T-Mobile acording to every rep I spoke with over a period of weeks.
Obviously the routers do 4G/LTE but T-Mobile says their “tool” they use says no bueno!
I am now searching for another SIM from some other company - was hoping to see if anyone had suggestions that are proven.
BTW, it has nothing to do with the settings in the router - they just look it up and say “sorry, can’t register and it shows incompatible”.
I went through tech support with them for weeks - NO BEUNO!
I frankly find it hard to believe but that’s my experience.

I hate to hear stories like this. The carriers’ representatives are legendary for giving their customers bad advice. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out well to take someone who was selling shoes a couple of weeks before and then anoint them as a sales representative without training and/or supervision. (BTW, I think @zegor_mjol, @jgsieve and @James_Seymour gave you good info.)

I have two suggestions: First submit a ticket and ask Peplink. Post your ticket number in this thread and then let us know what you learn.
Second, we have a trusted source/reseller for TMO data plans. I will PM you and @Pete_Stott his info. Sometimes dealing with the carrier directly is not the best solution, sadly.

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Actually T-Mobile sent me three new sims. I tried all on router while on phone with tech support and they said they are incompatible. This was just recently as the towers are finally being switched over in KCMO. I tried many different tech support people and they all say their new “tool” for T-Mobile Towers says incompatible. So obviously I’m done with T-Mobile and need to find a different carrier. Ironically I worked with (not for) T-Mobile and Sprint to get all the access points on the streetcar line fine tuned so I didn’t have to pay Sprint for LTE backup. These routers and antennas are in the downtown streetcar kiosks.
I was paying for LTE when their wifi was wonky. Now they get bought by T-Mobile and I’m kicked to the curb.
If anyone knows where I can get a cheap data plan… It’s only data coming in to upload content and ads… maybe 30gigs a month I need for only one kiosk now that’s off the beaten path with no AP nearby.
Thanks all!

@Jim_Keeley We are a verizon reseller and might have a data plan for you, send me a PM and we can discuss futher. Also related to your issue have you tried chaning the network mode and see if it allows you to connect if you force it?