Can't Access Some Websites


I just got a Peplink Balance 20 in yesterday. I hooked up two DSL connections (CenturyLink 4.0/512) from the DSL modems in bridged mode to the Peplink.
I configured the Peplink in PPPOE mode, and input the appropriate settings, and the router showed that it had connected to the internet.
Everything initially seemed fine, but I was not able to go to several websites, and many of the sites I could access seemed kind of slow in loading.
When I try each DSL connection from just the modem to a computer or tablet, the connection is fine, and is as fast as it should be, and I have no problem connecting to any website.
Would anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Hi Bob, please contact the reseller you purchased from for initial technical support.

Thanks -Tim

I think Tim has suggested you the right way !