Can't access router settings

So, I just purchased the Surf SOHO. Can’t access router settings via the IP address provided in the user manual on Peplink’s site. I have an Arris 6141 modem connected to the Pepwave on LAN 1. Contacted TWC. They verified everything is working and swear it’s not a problem on their end (for whatever that’s worth).

At this point, I can access Internet only with wired connection.

How do I access router setting page? It times out. I tried several different IPs on the advice of a friend. No dice.

First off, please confirm that your devices are configured and set up in the following way.

ARRIS SB6141 Cable Modem ---- [WAN Port] Surf SOHO [LAN Port]----Your client machine

With this setup, you should be able to access the SOHO by if you haven’t changed the IP address scheme on the SOHO.

Please keep us updated so our team can follow up as well.


Starting at the very beginning: you plugged the Ethernet cable from your modem in the WAN port on the Surf SOHO and not one of the LAN ports? If so, do any of the lights just above the WAN port light up? If they do, that means the router is able to communicate with the modem at the lowest level. Not that this matters, even if the router was off-line, you should still be able to access the web UI via its IP address. In fact, I prefer to make a number of config changes before placing any new router online.

Likewise with the computer plugged into the router, are the Ethernet LED lights lit on the LAN port the computer is using?
I wouldn’t hurt to try both another computer and another LAN port.

Also there is a status light on the front of the surf SOHO. Its red while its booting, then turns green - so check that too.
Good luck.

Thanks. Looks like it is working now. Not sure why, but initially it wasn’t working when plugged into the WAN port in the back of the SOHO. So, I switched to LAN 1. Switched BACK to WAN and unplugged/replugged power to modem and router. Everything is working now. Thanks!