Can't access management IP through WAN

Hi all,

I currently have the following setup:

ISP Router-----> WAN 1 MBX---->Firewall---->LAN
BR1 5G--------> WAN 2 MBX---->Firewall---->LAN

I can ping the default IP gateway on both the ISP router and the BR1 5G.

However, accessing the web GUI of such isn’t possible.

I have read that you either need to configure two outbound policies on the routers (MBX/BR1) or configure a PPPoe Management connection.

In any case, it’s still unclear to me.
Is PPPoe only setup by an ISP or could I setup a PPPoe between the BR1 and the MBX?

Any response is really appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you!

There are a couple of things to check.

  1. What is the actual IP address presented on the WANs of the MBX? Are they public IPs or private? ie do they start 192.168.x.x or 100.x.x.x?
  2. Have you enabled web admin access via the WAN in System > Admin Security?


The bigger question is why are you trying to access it at all? Far better (and much more secure) to use remote web admin in InControl.

Hi Martin

  1. The IP is private 192.168.x.x
  2. I have enabled it.

I don’t use it through inControl because most of my devices are out of the warranty period and I would like to avoid paying a subscription for it.

I access it because as we aren’t static and using Roaming SIMs, which now and again I need to play with bands/carriers to get the best speed.

Thank you,

OK so that is a private IP its not accessible on the internet directly - which makes sense since you have an ISP router on WAN1 and a BR1 5G on WAN2. This is called double NAT.
Hopefully the WAN1 has a public IP on the ISP router and what you’ll need to do is setup port forwarding on the ISP router from the public IP to the private IP of the WAN1 on the MBX, then you’ll be able to access the web ui.

The 5G connection likely doesn’t have a public IP that you can connect to.

If it was me, I’d pay $5/month to host a Fusionhub in the cloud and then I would setup a client VPN account on the FusionHub so I can access the webui on the LAN of the MBX from anywhere (so long as it has an internet connection).