Cannot reach the web admin interface of Peplink Balance 310 Router - Heeeeeeelp!


First i’d love to thank you all for the forum … IT IS AMAZING!!:smiley:

Alright… so a few days ago i decided to upgrade my Peplink balance 310 firmware from 5.3.12 to 5.4.9 via the web admin interface. Everything seemed perfect until i noticed that there was no progress… I refreshed my browser and I had been kicked out of the web interface - hmmmmm!! I could ping the default gateway set and there were no dropped packets but i could/can not get into the web admin interface!! Did i break something???

I really need your help, will be most grateful



I would recommend setting the device to factory defaults via pin reset (hold for 10-15 seconds). If that does not seem to clear the issue up I would open a ticket with the support team.

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Thanks for the reply Jarid… I’ve reset it very many times but I still can’t get to the web interface, that’s what’s worrying me most. But ok lemme try with the ticket

I’m having the same problem on the 30. I did the reset and still can’t get into the interface.

Hi dmking,

Appreciate if you can open ticket at

Thank you.

I spent a lot of time configuring the router and each of the modems. When doing that I would get a “Time Out” error on the brower. I started to shut the browser down and then try to connect to the device. Some times that worked, sometimes it didn’t. When I restarted the computer and then connected tot he devices, that usually worked.


I’m going over to the Cisco site and having a look at their multi-WAN SOHO routers to see if they have Install\Config guides for setting up simple networks (Cable+DSL modems) behind the router. There has to be something that talks about, bridging, DHCP, DNS, Static IP settings for the modems in conjunction with the router.

You should definitely download the user manual from our site:

Our Knowledgebase is also full of good information:

The Design Lab on our Forum is also a good resource:

Thanks for the reply Tim.

I’ll do what you suggested but my guess is that I’ll have to spend more hours sifting through all to see if I can find an answer.

I used to run a networking support group at hP back in the day so I know the pain that customers go through. Many times our SE’s (Systems Engineers) would ask for a 1-2 page config guide to get a customers system up and running for a simple install. Once that was accomplished, they could do more complex things.

What I want, on one page is:

  • If you have a Balance 20/30,
    AND you have Either,
  • Multiple DSL modems and/or multiple Cable modems,

Configure the modems like THIS (provide sample, tested settings - DHCP, bridging, etc - for failover/load balancing) to avoid conflict with the Balance routers.
A simple matrix would do the job.

Having said all that, after two days non stop troubleshooting it looks like I have a problem with the Peplink router (a year and a half old).

  1. Can only get to the configuration screens intermittently having to restart the computer and/or reset the router with a paperclip multiple times and then re-inputting the various values yet again.
  2. Performance through the router is slow.
  3. No Network connectivity through the router even though I have network access through the individual modems.
  4. Multiple restarts of the computer and router to get to the config screens not working at all.
  5. A lot of time spent sifting through the Knowledge Base and Forums to find an answer to my problems, which most of the time are not addressed.
  6. Arcane Router messages with no KB or Forum discussion such as, Why does the router now tell me “WAN failed DNS Tests”.
  7. Not sure that a Firmware upgrade will help me, but in order to find out, I have to pay for that.

If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to sell the Balance 30 on eBay. In the mean time, the Peplink is out of my network and everything runs fine now. I’ll spend the next few days researching a good replacement for your box. My criteria will be:

  1. Well written documentation with lots of examples covering configs that customers will likely encounter.
  2. Simple, TESTED, network configs and setups.
  3. Reliable and well supported h/w.
  4. Reliable and well supported firmware.
  5. Well established and well respected company that will be around for a while.

Cisco may fit the bill along with a few others. I’m not sure that your CEO and Engineering and Marketing VP’s are aware of the pain your customers are going through, but I’ll be passing these comment along to them real soon.

Our products are made to be user friendly in terms of configuration or troubleshooting, and we will always keep on with that direction.

And we do appreciate for your feedback, which will helps us continue to improve and enhance our user manual and Knowledgebase, to cover different level of user, as well as operating scenario.

Thanks and regards.


I did a search of the Forum’s and the KB using “WAN failed DNS Tests” and found nothing. So please don’t tell me about user friendliness for troubleshooting and configuration.