Cannot obtain IP address in Pepwave

We have two sims - AT&T and Verizon. We’ve had the Verizon connect before with no problem. We travel in an RV. Prior to changing locations, we had no issue with ATT connecting. We’ve moved locations and have no service with ATT. It keeps saying obtaining [IP address] on the Pepwave Max Transit Duo. We can take that same ATT [Sim] and put it in a Netgear [Mifi] or a Verizon Mifi and it will obtain an IP address and connect. Why can’t we connect with AT&T in the Pepwave?**

Just to check - ATT was working fine in the Transit Duo before you moved - that right?

Obtaining IP address is nearly always an authentication issue with the operator, either the APN (or APN username/password) is wrong or the SIM is not activated, or (in the case of your intentionally frustrating US operators) the device has not been authorised on the operators network.

If it was working before though I don’t see why it wouldn’t now.


Yes it was working fine before we relocated. The APN says “broadband”. Should I remove that?

“broadband” should be the correct APN for AT & T. You can try to set it using “Auto” and check again the connection.

If still having issue, possible please contact AT & T and make sure IMEI for the device is registered. Please open a ticket if AT&T confirm the IMEI is registered and you still having problem to make it connect.

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