Cannot Install InControl 2


I have downloaded InControl2 for linux. Total file size is around 9GB. After extracting the tar file and import in vmware esxi, file type show .0-20170622 and cannot understand in vmware. I follow the instruction in installation manual, but it not work.


Do you have error screenshot to share here ?


Please see the photo. After extract tar file, I got this two file. What kind of file type is this?


The file type after extracted seem like invalid. Can you please try other unpacking tools (7-zip) to extract the file ?

You should have the followings after extracted the files:



I download again the files and now start VMs, screen show like that. And also DB cannot login. Can I know DB username and password?

  • Please check if each VM has 2 disks : provided systemdisk + self created datadisk
  • Check the Network Connections: DB => NIC1=Internal || InControl => NIC1=WAN NIC2=Internal


Contact for further questions about ICVA.



I just finish creating of VMs, but I cannot login Incontrol system control panel. I also cannot login to CLI, what is the username and password? I cannot check the IP address of Incontrol VM, so I cannot go to system control panel.




The InControl VM needs to receive a ip address from DHCP. When clicking a few times ‘Enter’, the assigned ip address should be visible.