Cannot add additional port range mapping forward

I have peplink balance 305. 5.4.8 build 2532
I have added many port forwards without problems.
Today when I try to add a new one, i get an error message:

“please select at least Connection / IP address for the service rule.”

I have the connection and WAN IP checked/selected.
I have tried different variations such as single port, port range, port mapping. all give same error.
I deleted server and added back. no joy.
all other port forwards (22 in total) have worked fine.
Any ideas?

Hi There,

Go ahead and send in a support ticket here so we can take a closer look at things. When you send the ticket it, go ahead and give us the port forward information you attempted to use as well and we’ll take a peek. You may also want to update firmware to 5.4.9 to eliminate that from the equation as well.