Cannot access Balance 305

I am the IT Manager for a local private school and I cannot access the web interface locally or remotely to be able to change settings, upgrade firmware, or generate a diagnostic report. Can anyone help? Please remember this is a functioning school so turning the balance off for more than 30 minutes is unacceptable.

Thank You.

Hello @ITManager_AOS,

Have you been able to add the device to InControl? If so, can you access the web interface from there?


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It says
|Balance_C109 (1825-161F-C109)|Peplink Balance 305 (HW2)|AOS|Warranty Expired|2017-06-02|
in inControl and so it says services offline and services expired.


Hi @ITManager_AOS,

Would you please open a support ticket Here for support team to check ?

Many thanks,


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I already have and it just got fixed.

We have renewed our warranty but still cannot access through InControl2

–Evan Greer

The renewal order just came through 30 mins ago, should update soon. Thanks

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