Cannot access admin page


I can’t access the admin page. I have
a PepWave Surf SOHO MK3 and upon setup I changed the admin port but even though I‘m using the full address it still doesn’t work. Any ideas?

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If all you did was change the port, then try the prior port. Also try both HTTP and HTTPS.

See if you can ping the router as that does not depends on the port. The problem might be a network thing between your computer and the router, rather than a config thing on the router. When in doubt, reboot everything. Never hurts :slight_smile:

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Hi Alice. This should not be difficult. In addition to what @Michael234 suggested, I’d suggest double-checking the format of your address. Here’s an example from one of our customers I’m working with at present: Make certain you use the full IP address (default is, a colon, and the port number you changed. No spaces anywhere in that expression. Any luck?

Thanks Rick and @Michael1234 . Sorry for the year±later reply! I finally reached the Web Admin panel log-in page by using http and removing the section of the address after the colon. I can only log into the read-only section though, due to “invalid user name and password” for the main one. There’s no password reset funtion. I pinged my router and the host couldn’t be found. When I set up the Surf SOHO maybe I set it so it couldn’t be pinged, not sure.

In any case, I am now setting up a new router and no doubt will be back here seeking more advice. I’ll create new admin panel lgoin for that with my new email address. Michael, if you can point me to any recent information about setting up the Peplink Balance 20X, I’d love to read that. I was re-reading your website and my notes from the last set-up which I guess still apply to routers in general.