Can you use different DNS Servers for clients on different VLANs?


Sorry if I’ve missed this in the documentation but is it possible to choose different DNS Servers for clients on different VLANs please?

Can you also have content filtering rules apply to one VLAN/network and not the other? Reason I ask is I’d like at least 2 different networks. One locked down and content filtered network for kids, the other for grown ups.

Hope someone can help!

Question/problem having a VLAN with its own DNS servers

Hello @brill,
Yes you can have different DNS Servers for each VLAN.

When setting up or editing your VLAN, just un-tick the “Assign DNS server automatically” and then enter up to two DNS Servers as you need.

Note: This option needs to be done within the device, DNS Servers can not be edited from the VLAN settings within InControl2 (well not yet).

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


That’s great Marcus thanks! Is it possible to achieve content filtering based on VLAN please? Or is it a case of content filtering for all hosts on the router, barring exceptions?

Thanks again!


@brill, sure - this is possible. When you configure the Content Blocking you can define exempted Subnets: