Can You Set Your Own Label For A Sim/Carrier

I have a MAX BR1 Pro 5g with 2 Sim slots, plus one eSim. Can you label those instead of just Sim A and SimB? I would like to identify them by carrier.

I agree this would be very helpful. Especially if you have several eSIMs loaded. It’s even more important when you have more cell modems and you need to be careful which one you delete. At the moment it’s very easy to get the wrong eSIM.

My old router from Celerway did allow labels, but only labeling the Sim Slot. It did not stick with the Sim itself. If I changed to another physical Sim, the label stayed the same as before. But that would be a good thing to have on the Peplink. I did find where you can put a note attached to the Sim in the Peplink.

@Harley_Soltes I suppose you are referring to InControl under the device dashboard on cellular WAN details.

Yes. That is where I added a note.