Can you do VOIP application prioritization in Drop-in mode?

Does application prioritization still work in drop-in mode? A customer is wanting to get VOIP phones but keep their existing VPN router, which doesn’t do any kind of QOS. I would probably use a Balance 20 since it’s a pretty small shop. 4-5 pc’s and about 6 phones.

Application prioritization works with a drop-in mode deployment, however a Balance 210/310 or higher model is required for drop-in mode.

Oops. I don’t think they’re going there. Thanks.


I think you can get around the need for drop-in mode since it is only a small VPN router on the inside. The Balance 20 should be appropriate for a small shop.

Not sure what you mean. If I can’t use drop-in mode, how would I use a B-20?

You would have a double NAT to the VPN router on the inside. If two WAN links are in use, service passthrough support can be used on the Balance to keep the VPN on a single WAN link.