Can you determine how much data is being used by IP address?

We have 3 people utilizing a Pepwave MAX Transit Duo Router. Is there any way of determining how much data is being used by each person?

Hi @robertfruth, welcome to the Peplink forum.

If you are using InControl, yes you can see how much data each client IP address has used - historically. You can also see how much data each client is using in real-time using InControl.

For the “historical” usage, from the Group overview page, select Reports - > Device Reports


Select the date range - either one of the pre-determined options or select custom and enter your own date range.

Click the “update” button and the graphs and data displayed will change to reflect the date range selected - you’ll see something like this:-

For the Real-Time usage, you can select the Device Page within InControl and click the “Clients” tab, this shows a current list of clients and the amount of data (up / down) each one is using.

You can also see similar data at the Group level, if you have multiple Peplink devices in the same Group, this will show all of the clients connected and how much traffic is being used - you’ll also see the device name that those clients are connected to:-

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Hi @robertfruth,

I wanted to let you know that some of this information is also available if you login to the device, although I think that InControl presents the data better.

On the Status Tab you have a selection of reports :-

Select hourly, daily or monthly to give an overview of usage, like this:-

However, each report allows you to drill-down to find more information - for the hourly report, click the “hour” and you’ll see data used by each client IP during that hour:-

You can also view real-time usage which shows a summary of data being used, but no information about which client IP addresses are using the data.

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I only have SIM Card Reports. I do not have the other listings like Device Reports.

@robertfruth You need to go down one more level in the dashboard. The main page only gives you sim cards, the group page gives you so much more…

ScreenHunter_01 May. 04 19.24

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Thanks! I see it now.

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