Can we use 20X's Wifi as a WAN?

is it possible to set 20X wifi as a client connect to ISP’s router and perform as an additional WAN ?

The 20X does not support WiFi as WAN.

@sitloongs or @WeiMing or anyone from peplink team, is there any technical reason the balance 20x can’t do wifi wan? even if not simultaneous AP and wifi WAN, it would be nice to have the option to do either. thank you.

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FWIW, my “vote” would be to leave the 20X as-is. It’s a great “box” for its intended purpose. It’s already performing superior service for SOHO (and and even larger) users and for mobile folks there are other products available that do support wi-fi-as-WAN.

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My vote is to not hamper a great overdue upgrade to the SOHO by artificially holding back a software only feature. There is absolutely no hardware reason the 20X can’t do WiFi WAN as the SOHO does, I would imagine its literally just a firmware config switch.

Even for those not using in a mobile environment having WiFI WAN can be a good emergency backup when no other option is available either through a phone or neighboring wifi. I have had to use WiFi wan for this purpose in an office environment due to a fiber cut and it saved the day by bridging to a neighboring wifi using pfsense.

There is no affordable upgrade to the SOHO currently except for the 20X except for the frustrating lack of WiFi WAN which would otherwise be a near perfect upgrade.

@sitloongs what say you? can WiFi WAN please be enabled on the 20x? Or even a small $50 or something license sold to enable it? Thanks

I’ve put in a request to have a feature-pack similar to the br1 mini added to the 20x to enable wifi-as-wan.

Where did you put the request in?

support ticket.

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