Can upload speed be improved?

I have a Max Transit CAT-18 installed on my RV. Overall, I am more than satisfied with it’s performance. Paddle antennas, AT&T & Verizon cellular service with decent signals, & really decent RV park WIFI.

As a general rule I don’t get hung up on the results of any given speed test, but, my upload speeds observed on various speed test have always been dismal; less the 10 Mbps and usually around 5 Mbps.

I’ll readily admit to not being the sharpest pencil in the desk when it comes to this network stuff. While my observed upload speeds have been & continue to be dismal when measured on the various speed tests I’ve performed, the actual performance of large (multi GB) file transfers (uploads) to devices outside of my network seem to go reasonably quickly. Depending upon what I’m doing, the file transfer (upload) could be accomplished by a Synology application, the WebDrive application or PepVPN with Speed fusion.

Assuming you can see the above cut & paste, it reflects the results of my most moist recent speed test. I have both my AT&T cellular connection & the RV Park WIFI (normally very good for park WIFI) as priority 1. This configuration normally produces the best results on speed test.

With all this said, the upload speeds are not that big a deal as almost all of them are scheduled to run at night. Assuming those users that are attaining upload speeds significantly higher than what I can attain are using a US cellular provider & similar equipment (no 5G stuff), what are they doing to attain these speeds?

I understand there are a lot of variables that will/can effect the throughput of a cellular signal. I have no control over that. I’m looking for suggestions on what I can manage & what tools are available & reasonably priced that would improve the upload speed.

The answer may be, if the issue is not causing you any problems, just let it go. I can deal with that too!

Thanks in advance.

Roof mounted mimo antenna would likely increase your throughput.

If your using the Max Transit with paddle antennas consider that for your device to transmit/upload back to the tower it needs to go-through the materials and metal exoskeleton of your RV. That could be cutting signal by substantial amount (25% or more I would bet).

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My CAT 18 in the RV with an external mimo antenna averages ~25Mbps upload…

Consider yourself lucky ……. AT&T here with a 1 Mbps if I’m lucky on a particular day.

I would do backflips all day if 7+ Mbps was my upload speed

Ericufrin, Have mimo antenna, have just not installed it yet. Will move that project up on the ‘to do list’.
Thanks for your input.

Kevin, Interesting, I don’t think I ever saw upload speeds that good in my sticks & bricks house with Time Warner/Spectrum service.
What cellular carrier are you using?

T-Mobile cellular

I finally got off my duff on my RV and put up my Parsec Husky Pro 7 - 7-in-1 5G Antenna and it improved the signal by +/- 25% - I also put a Galvanized Sheet Metal Plate under the Husky Pro and that was excellent. I will add in an internal WIFI extender from Pepwave on the other end of the RV.