Can the SOHO use a Micro SD installed in a USB Modem?

I don’t know, perhaps making it available as a network drive?

If the modem is plugged directly into a PC, it will show up as a memory stick.

Also, the SOHO is one of the more popular consumer-grade models. Why doesn’t it have its own dedicated forum like the Balance, MAX, AP, and Surf? In fact it seems almost the only model without its own.


USB port on Surf Soho is designed as one of the WAN connection. Any reason you want to make it as network drive?

The dedicated forum for Soho is under Pepwave AP & Surf. I will move this thread to Pepwave AP & Surf.

Did you read my post? I am using it as a WAN connection - I’m putting a USB modem in it. The particular USB modem I’m using contains a Micro SD card onboard in addition to its modem function.

When this modem is plugged into a PC, it can be used as a modem … and the Micro SD card also shows up as a removable drive. Hence my question about potentially supporting it inside a modem as a network drive on the router.

This isn’t a supported feature. We’ve tested this in house and and it doesn’t work. In theory, if the modem functions as a network adapter with its own web user interface that happened to have a file browser to the SD card, it would be accessible. I’m not aware of any single USB modem with both functions though.