Can the peplink 'dns proxy' hostname settings and 'dhcp server' mac address settings be hosted externally?

Hi – We are in the process of evaluating the peplink balance routers for our organization – just waiting on a purchase order (so I don’t have the hardware in hand yet). Our primary interest is the routing functionality – however the built-in dhcp and dns look quite nice as well.

The only thing problem is that making changes to these settings via the webui doesn’t really fit well with our standard practice. Is there a way to get the peplink balance to ‘look elsewhere’ for these configurations? Eg. a flat file on a webserver or tftpserver or some other type of simple network mechanism?

Or alternatively – is there an api to push such configuration into the peplink from outside?

Ideally we would generate lists of dns host overrides and mac address<->ip mappings for these two services (in whatever format) – then we either pull or us push the information into the peplink … The built-in dns proxy/dhcp server looks like it does everything we need – it’d be a nice plus to be able to use them …

Let me know if my question is unclear … Many thanks!!