Can’t see network on iphone

I have an 2019 Airstream Flying Cloud with a Pep wave Max BR-1 cellular router. I’m the 2nd owner. I have installed a new ATT4G orange SIM card. Both ATT and Airstream can see I’m on the cellular network, but when I search for the WI-FI network on my iPhone it does not appear. I have created an account with the Airstream Connected App and the name is identified but not found under the setting Wi-Fi network on my phone. I have unplugged and plugged in the router several times. Airstream this morning said I may need a patch. Abe suggestions to get phone to recognize the Wi-Fi network. Status and cellular light solid green, Wi-Fi blinking green light

Can you:
(1) see and join the network from other devices via wi-fi?
(2) confirm the wi-fi settings are as expected by connecting an ethernet cable between one of the LAN ports and a computer?

Whoever told you the router may need a patch probably does not understand “how things work.” Peplink does not issue patches. Rather, a new version of firmware is published. One thing you will want to do is make certain you are running the latest FW version which is 8.2.1. You can check that when you log onto the device.

I am not familiar with the Airstream-specific “app” etc. Maybe someone else can help on that.