Can someone shed light on Peplink topology

Hi Guys,

I am novice to peplink and confused about the topology. Would really appreciate if someone can shed light on the same. I am planning to use Inbound DNS loadbalancing, I already have two WAN links terminated on my firewall. So per me I guess the topology would look like this and let me know if I am doing something wrong

INTERNET –>[]PepLink[]----> []Firewall[]—>LAN=Servers []

My zone is and would like to loadbalance which is on my LAN on private subnet [] NS some.thirdparty.device
some.thirdparty.device A NS wan.ipof.peplink
wan.ipof.peplink A

On my Pep Link ==NATTED TO

Then send it to firewall which will route it to destination server


Please refer to the links below for better understanding:-

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  2. Setting up Inbound Load Balance with a Delegated Sub-domain - Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

Hi tkliew,

Thanks for the update. I have already gone through the topology and studied that. However this describes without firewall what if I plan to put firewall behind Peplink and let all filtering done by that firewall and natting only done by Peplink?

Also lets say I have two sub-domain delegated like and Now being a sub-domains NS servers will be the WAN links and in this case for the both the records my NS will be same [am I correct]?

So Can I specifiy separate A record for those 2 subdomains? if not how would forward traffic to different hosts if destined on same port i.e. 80.



So in this case for both the records same IPs will be returned, so traffic for ==> Natted to and ===?

Like IN A
IN A ===> Natted to ===> Nattd to

Can I do that way?


Below is the settings for DNS in Authoritative DNS server and Peplink Balance:-

Authoritative DNS server for
test NS wan1balance
test NS wan2balance
foo NS wan1balance
foo NS wan2balance
wan1balance A
wan2balance A

Peplink Balance:-
test A
test A
foo A
foo A

Below is the NAT (NAT Mapping since you have sufficient public IP) settings in Peplink Balance:- --NAT–> --NAT–> --NAT–> --NAT–>

Hope this help.

Hey thanks again for descriptive explaination.

Peplink Balance:-
test A
test A
foo A
foo A

So in this case will I have to create parent domain on peplink balance as well? In this case

beacause A record points to different IPs rather than “@” [or wan1, wan2], what say? else if I create A record under; it would be So I will have to create it under, right?


Please find the link below for the details DNS record setup in Peplink:-