Can someone confirm this config will work?


I just sorted through all the topics and read a bunch of posts but didn’t see anything about what I need to ask.

I am looking to outfit my RV with a mobile network. My plan is to use a Peplink Surf router, mainly because it offers a USB port. I will have 3 computers plugged into 3 of the LAN ports. I will also have a WIFI repeater, so my WAN port will connect to the repeater. Along side that will be the tablet and the Chromebook that are both wireless connections. That leaves me with the cellular side of things. I want to buy the Verizon “Global Modem USB730L” but before I spend all this money on things I can’t return I need to ask if anybody has used that particular configuration, or something similar. Some people say I can tether a 7730 Jetpack to the USB port on the Pepwave router. Some say that Jetpack will not tether that way. Even the people at the Verizon store did not agree!! From reviews I have read, support pages I have read, and youtube videos I have watched, as well as comments on RV forums, it sounds like my plan will work.

Any input from the forumites?


Hello thefastman,

When using the USB port on any of our devices we recommend plugging the USB modem directly into the USB port as we have seen issues when USB extension cables are used. We do have a page that lists the cellular modems that we do officially support here on our site. I recommend checking this page for modems that we do support - the 730L is listed.

Depending on the size of your RV and how far outside of the RV you would like to access the network, you may not require a Wifi repeater.

You can find a list of our resellers here. They can also help in assessing your needs and help in making setup recommendations.


Thanks for the prompt reply! I have a 25ft Class C, so not a huge RV. Thus everything will be quite compacted. I already have the repeater (an Alfa Camp Pro 2) which will accept the connection from the WAV port on the Pepwave Surf SOHO and allow me to log my devices into the Pepling rather than the repeater or the cellular modem. I MUCH prefer that kind of control. Sounds like the Pepwave Surf SOHO is the one for me. Though I don’t need it quite yet, this si another bit of “pre-move intoi RV” research completed.

Just FYI, that Camp Pro 2 repeater works GREAT. I tested it in my car (It is not mounted to the RV yet) and while parked as far as possibel from retail stores (I tested a Walmart, a Lowe’s, a Home Depot, a Costco, a Sam’s and a BJs) I was able to stream TV to my Chromebook, my iPad and my cell phone simultaneously. I was likely only 350 ft at most from the buildings, and really have not yet spent time testing it at further distances, but I think it will be fine.

I was an IT guy when I worked (retired in 2013) and duringmy career acquired an MCSE and a CCNE certification, so I know that side of networking well. Cellular is all new to me, and I am learning as I go.

Thanks again for your quick reply.