Can QOS be used to limit BitTorrent traffic?

This is for a Balance 20 running firmware

I see several instances of service “BitTorrent” in the list of Active Sessions list. Can I block or de-prioritize this using QOS?

Hello Dan,

Unfortunately, you are not able to block or de-prioritize BitTorrent with Balance 20

Instant Messengers / P2P File Transfter Blocking feature is available with the model Peplink Balance 580 & above at the moment.

Best Regards,


The Peplink Team

Why can’t we block/limit bittorrent with Peplink 380 ?

I have a 380 and a 580, but I don’t see how to block/limit Torrents.

Hello, will IM & P2P File Transfer Blocking be available on 380? what’s the updates on this please?

How about the Peplink MediaFast 500 B and MAX HD2 LTE with Mediafast? Will they have this feature?


IM & P2P File Transfer Blocking is an experimental feature. It is only available on Balance 580 and above.

This feature is not supported in MediaFast 500 B and MAX HD2 LTE with Mediafast.