Can Pepwave Max On The Go merge connections

hello everyone

i bought two peplink devices ( pepwave max on the Go ) but now i have a problem
i insert four USB dongles and i want to merge all connections for example i insert four modems of 2 Mbps so i wanted to get 8 Mbps
is it possible
if it is possible so what should i do. should i change some settings.

Any reply will be appreciated

The MAX OTG does session-based load balancing across all 4 modems but does not do bandwidth bonding. For a single session or stream you would only be using 1 modem at a time.

You could have 4 separate sessions/streams going at the same time and each one would get the 2Mbps speed.


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Hello @abobaker,
You may find the company that @Tim_S mentioned in this post able to help. By using SpeedFusion and this third party service, you’ll be able to merge all off your connections.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: