Can Peplink Surf Soho stop a modem/router from routing?


I have purchased a Surf Soho on recommendation from Michael Horowitz’s site. I have bought x2 modem/router combo units to try to use as modem only, in bridge mode.
Both don’t work - after going into bridge mode, internet connection is soon cut off.
I tried a Netgear DM200 and then bought iinet’s TP-Link VR1600v

I have called my ISP, and they say they can’t help with bridge mode, that they can’t recommend because it will likely affect the internet connection. (Even though the second modem/router I bought - TP-Link, was from iinet. There is the option to bridge in this modem/router’s setting, but after setup internet connection is lost. iinet say that it is not port blocking from their side).

The computer communicates fine with the TP-Link, going through ethernet through the Peplink Surf Soho.

I am wondering if there is a way to use the Surf Soho to block the TP-Link’s router from accessing the internet, to make the connection stop at the Surf Soho? Basically, a way to bridge without having to go into bridging mode, or a way to use the Surf Soho to make the TP-Link’s routing stop once it hits the Surf Soho.

Any help would be appreciated, I’ve been trying to make this work for a few weeks now!


Did it connect at all - or are you saying it connected for a while then stopped?

If it didn’t connect at all, did you change the WAN of the SOHO to PPPoE and enter your ISP Settings?

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