Can Peplink Balance run StrongVPN or alike services?


I’m kinda beginner in Networking, and i searched a lot on the web but could not find an answer for this scenario :

I’m going out of US for couple of years, and want a VPN service as HideMyAss or StrongVPN to be able to use my Amazon Prime and Netflix out there on multiple devices. The internet where I’m going is kinda slow and break up some times so I was considering getting Peplink Balance 30 to my home.

My Quastion is: can I configure a VPN connection to VPN service provider inside Peplink Balance 30? or I will need another router just for my VPN connection? :confused:


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It’s not possible right now. Maybe in the future.

Are you going to have multiple WAN connections at the new home? If so, then you could accomplish what you want by using our SpeedFusion VPN technology. It would require the use of Peplink Balance 210 or higher routers and you would need one at your new home and one located here in the US.

Technically it will work with just one WAN connection, but the real benefit comes when using two or more WAN’s at your new home. This will prevent the break ups you are seeing with only one connection.