Can Peplink Balance do this for me

I have both cable and dsl in my home. I also have a paid vpn service that encrypts my internet connection ( Is it possible to have a connection to this vpn and say my dsl drops and cable takes over that it maintains the vpn connection? I would like to keep 100% uptime connected through my vpn paid service is there a way to set it up with peplink balance 20?

if it is possible then it means I can maintain the same ip thats given to me by my vpn and so in theory I should not have trouble with session based sites right? If I can only get it to work I can keep my vpn connection up allowing me to keep my vpn ip using websites and in the event cable or dsl goes out I can still stay connected to my vpn? I really hope this works because if it does Im buying this router out of taxes

Since this is a software based VPN service, it should automatically try to reconnect if your DSL drops. But technically there will be a short window of no VPN until it gets established over the new ISP connection.

Our SpeedFusion VPN solution available on the Balance 210 and higher overcomes this limitation, but it is a hardware VPN and you would need a Peplink device on both ends of the tunnel. This provides for a truly “Unbreakable” VPN solution.