Can not connect to Device Connector DCS-GN-IP55

I have a PepWave Surf Soho USB tethered to a Verizon MiFi. I love the Sooho. It has been rock solid, and has great range.

I wanted to expand the range to my barn, so I called PepLink and asked for their advice. They suggested I purchase a Device Connector IP55 and set it up as a repeater. At this time the IP55 has done nothing but frustrate me.

The most annoying issue I have is I have only been able to get into the setup a few times. When I type the IP into computers connected to the device (wirelessly, or via an ethernet cable) I get a message saying it can not be reached. On only 3 occasions have I been able to get in. Twice on my desktop with the DC connected via ethernet, and once on my phone via wifi. (I have never been able to access with any of my laptops, wifi or ethernet cable) It is extremely frustrating to try to set this thing up as I never know if I will be able to get back in and change the settings. Any suggestions?



Believe you are getting advice from our partner. Have you contacted the partner to help on the setup?

You may refer to the user manual if needed.