Can Max-On The-Go be put in to IP-passthrough (bridge) mode?

Hello All,

I want to use an MOTG equipped with a 3G/4G USB modem simply as “WAN selection mechanism” in front of a Mikrotik VPN router. The VPN router would do all the NAT routing for the LAN. The MOTG would simply and transparently pass through to the Mikrotik any of the IP addresses it receives from either Cellular WAN or Wi-fi WAN, depending which one is chosen as priority.

The reason I have to do all this is that the MOTG does not support L2TP/IPSec server/client tunneling capability, which I must have, and the Mikrotik does.

I played with the Peplink Max Interface Demo (I know that’s not necessarily representative of the MOTG). There I could not find any option that would put the whole router into IP passthrough (bridge) mode for all its WANs. I did notice “drop-in mode”, but I’m not clear if that’s equivalent to what I’m looking for and whether it’s supported only on the Balance series or MOTG as well.

My alternative is the $350 CradlePoint IBR600NM, which can be put into what they call IP-passthrough, and which does exactly as I described above. But I would much prefer to use $150 MOTG to perform same.

Would someone enlighten me please…

  1. Is “drop-in mode” equivalent to full WAN IP-passthrough (bridge) mode?
  2. Does the MOTG support “drop-in mode” (or some other way, full IP Passthrough on all types of WANs)?
  3. If the answer to either of these is no, is there a likelihood that the MOTG may soon support what I need?


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The MOTG does not support drop-in mode or IP passthrough, it is a NAT-only device.

I will move this thread to the feature requests.

Thank you, Tim. That clarifies…

If IP passthrough for all WANs could be done on the MOTG, it would be a huge boost to an already versatile product.

It would allow users to build on the strengths of MOTG’s WAN selection and prioritization interface, which is really nicely done, but also allow them to flexibly pair it with features found in other equipment that wouldn’t necessarily make sense to be built into the MOTG itself. Like L2TP server/client tunneling in my case…

(For any audiophiles out there, this would be the equivalent of implementing “pre-out” connectors found on some integrated amplifiers which allow you to use just the pre-amplifier section of the amp and connect an alternate power amp to it. :))

I, for one, would be able to use dozens of MOTGs in the field if it had full IP passthrough for all WAN connections…

Here’s hoping…

We are unable to picture how you like the MOTG with multiple IP passthrough. Can you share a network diagram with your desired MOTG configured in such a configuration?



Thanks for your response. Here is the diagram.

Here are some IBR600 screenshots:

This is what every model in CradlePoint’s IBR600/650 line is capable of. It’s a distinct mode: “IP Passthrough”. Shuts off pretty much the whole router except WAN selection and passes on via ethernet the IP of whichever WAN source is selected.

After IP passthrough is enabled, the router’s LAN IP of is still accessible for admin

Hi, is this feature (bridging mode) already available for MAX-OTG-U4?

@Ariel, no this is not supported yet but the development team is looking at this internally.

Thank you Tim, I hope this will be solved soon.

This thread is somewhat old… are there any updates on a new MOTG feature? I would like some kind of passthrough feature, to be able to access the admin pages of the hotspots connected to the MOTG (where the MOTG is then connected to a WAN port of another router that serves as the main LAN DHCP/NAT router). As it stands, the hotspots seem to be inaccessible to the LAN due to the double NAT.